Pole dancing lessons


What is Pole Ballet?
Pole Ballet is a combination of ballet and acrobatic pole. Visit our Gallery for a selection of pictures and videos. Pole Ballet classes start with a warm up, ballet technique and conditioning exercises; the main part of the class consists of pole exercises and combinations with a ballet feel. The class ends with a thorough stretch section. As well as being great fun, Pole Ballet has many fitness benefits: for more information on fitness, see About.

What should I wear?
Shorts/hotpants and a vest. It is important to have bare legs and arms in order to grip the pole properly. Bare feet or soft ballet shoes are suitable. During the ballet exercises at the beginning of the class you can wear soft ballet shoes or socks. Leggings can be worn during the warm up.

From level 3 onwards: a crop top or a vest top that can be rolled up should be worn as more skin contact will be required for some of the more advanced moves.

I dont have any dance experience and am worried that I wont be very good.
Our Level 1 courses are suitable for people with no previous dance experience. The classes will enable you to learn the most important aspects of dance, including posture, pointed toes and graceful body lines, along with a wide range of pole moves. Pole Ballet is a very effictive form of exercise: your strength and your confidence will increase rapidly from week to week.
In addition, Pole Ballet classes have a supportive, friendly atmosphere. They are non-competitive and you can learn at your own pace.

I have done pole dance classes elsewhere and am not sure which level I am.
Please drop us an email and we'll advise you which level would be most suitable for you.

How many poles do you have and how many people share a pole?
We have 8 poles. Pole Ballet courses never have more than 2 students per pole. The intermediate and advanced courses on Saturday afternoons usually have 1 student per pole.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are unable to make it to one of the classes during your course, let us know in advance and you're welcome to join a different class to make up for the one you'll miss.

Does Pole Ballet include sexy moves?
No. Pole Ballet is a combination of ballet and acrobatic pole and does not include any erotic movement.

Can men attend Pole Ballet classes? 
Yes, they certainly can. Unlike the majority of other pole classes, Pole Ballet does not include high heels or erotic moves.

What is the minimum age for students?

The minimum age is 14. Please inform us at the time of booking if you are under 16. Due to insurance regulations a parent or guardian will have to sign a liability waiver before the start of the course.

Is there anything else I need to know before my first class?
In order to prevent slipping and to keep the poles clean, please wash your hands before the class and avoid using body lotion or oil on the day of your class. Jewellery should be removed – especially rings, bracelets, watches and anklets because they can scratch the poles.

I want to buy a pole to practise at home. Which type is the best and where can I get it?
We can give you advice on which pole would be best for you and you can also buy your pole directly from us. A range of different materials, diameters and static or static/spinning modes are available. Please email info@poleballet.co.uk for more information.