Pole dancing lessons


The Pole Ballet concept was developed by dancer and fitness professional Kay Herm. In her pole practice Kay saw a synergy between the principles of pole and ballet, which led her to design this dynamic form of movement.

See Kay's qualifications.

Pole Ballet classes start with a warm up, ballet technique and conditioning exercises; the main part of the class consists of pole exercises and combinations with a ballet feel. The class ends with a thorough stretch section.

As well as being great fun, Pole Ballet has many fitness benefits:

  • Pole Ballet burns around 400 calories per lesson
  • Pole Ballet lessons tone the whole body
  • Pole Ballet lessons improve balance and coordination
  • Pole Ballet lessons improve posture and core stability
  • Pole Ballet lessons will increase your flexibility
  • Pole Ballet lessons increase aerobic fitness, i.e. stamina, and anaerobic fitness, i.e. strength




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