Pole Ballet will relocate to Berlin in May. The last few drop in classes in London will take place on Saturday afternoons until 22nd April 2017. To book or for more information, please email info@poleballet.co.uk

Private lessons are available most days until 22nd April 2017.


Pole Ballet fuses the beauty and grace of ballet with the energy, impact and fun of acrobatic pole. Spins, climbs, holds and inversions are combined with ballet inspired linking moves.

Pole Ballet dance classes are suitable for everyone. All fitness levels and levels of experience are catered for. Please see Classes for upcoming courses and to book.

In the beginners courses we cover a range of spins and static holds that are combined with ballet poses in a short routine.

In the intermediate and advanced courses the focus is on learning a wide range of pole moves and combos; these classes are also suitable for students who are interested in pole dance styles other than ballet based. All the standard pole moves are covered, as well as new developments. We do a few ballet exercises at the beginning of each class, focussing on posture, pointed toes and leg extension, aspects which are important for all pole moves, regardless of dance style. Therefore, these classes are also great for students with pole experience who want to focus on making their moves more beautiful.

As well as being great fun, Pole Ballet dance classes are a great workout: they tone the whole body, increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and improve posture and flexibility.

Pole Ballet dance classes and lessons take place in Camden, North London. See Location for further details.

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